Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the inner potential of the Eminence students to Excellence by the commitment of staff working together with parents to prosper the students who become Effulgence, respectful, responsible, educated adults who will contribute positively to the worldwide community

Our Mission

Elshaddai Educational Trust is committed to providing each student with a safe, caring, enriching and motivating learning environment so that they can reach their full academic and social potential. Toward this end we commit available resources to ensure that...

  1. Each student experiences success, feels cared for and positive about their involvement at School.
  2. The students are encouraged to develop artistically, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally; fostering a life-long desire to learn
  3. Our students will become independent, high achieving & self-fulfilled.
  4. Teachers are motivated, enthusiastic, and experience continued professional growth.
  5. We provide an environment which is orderly, safe, inviting and stimulating.
  6. Our parental community feels welcomed and valued as full participants in their child's education.
  7. The leadership is supportive, encouraging, and fosters positive changes.


Redeemer Matriculation School Endeavors to provide academic, cultural, social, physical and moral education of Global Educational standard to the village students. Redeemer Matriculation School will

  1. Ensure constant introspection, assessment and implementation leading to the satisfaction of our customers- parents and guardians.
  2. Comply with the internal and external requirements.
  3. Drive continual improvement in Quality Management system through a Risk based approach.
  4. Sustain organizational excellence through timely responsiveness, quality consciousness and visionary leadership.
  5. Embed Quality Culture through innovative efforts, effective training and Communication.
  6. Ensure employees participation, availability of adequate resources.