Main Activities of Elshaddai Educational Trust

  1. To take over the Redeemer Matriculation School at Chettikulam, Alwarkurhci Post, Tirunelveli District with all the subsisting rights and subject to all extent liabilities and manage the same so owner thereof.
  2. To Constitute Educational committee for maintain , run Redeemer Matriculation School at Chettikulam , Alwarkurhci Post, Tirunelveli District or other committee for any special purpose.
  3. To encourage the students in participating the sports, games, Scatting etc
  4. To Encourage students to participate in Social Activities Viz. Junior Red cross,Scout and Guide,Science club, Media club, National Green Corps
  5. To encourage students in extracurricular activities viz. Karate,Yoga,Silambum, Abaccus, dance Music,
  6. To involve students for social awareness about cleanliness , good health etc to the nearby villages
  7. To start institution of education and medical assistance for Mentally retarded children
  8. To open , found, maintain, promote, establish, take over ,run, start , set up, assist, or manage educational institutions such as High schools, Colleges, Teacher Training Institute, higher secondary schools and Education in all spheres and pursuits such as legal, medical, Medical Research Centre, Para medical , Engineering, technical etc
  9. To acquire by purchase or lease of land and buildings to develop, improve, modify, expand and maintain such infrastructures to carryout objects of the Trust.
  10. To purchase necessary vehicles for the transportation of students to the educational institution and its management of the trust.
  11. To manage and administer any educational institutions, library, school, college etc.,
  12. To render finance support grant donations for and to aid or help in the setting up , maintaining , running , developing, improving and extending educational institutions.
  13. To work for spreading and disseminating knowledge by running coaching centre, guidance , counseling or vocational training and to grant scholarships for poor, deserving and needy students and to affiliate with any university or body .
  14. To institute scholarship to the poor and meritorious students
  15. To institute prizes, endowments, shields, for students in school, colleges or any educational institutions.
  16. To do all activities necessary for the promotion of education & Research
  17. To organize , start, run or assist any programme either by itself or by assisting or co-ordination with other educational or other institutions for coaching , guidance , and counseling , vocational training.
  18. To organize training for preparation for any entrance or competitive tests for recruitment for jobs including All India and State Services examination or for admission to professional or other educational institutions.
  19. To promote and foster education among poor and deserving students, whether of primary, secondary, graduate, post – graduate or vocational courses by all means and make such education available to weaker sections of the community.
  20. To enlist co-operation of State and Central Government in furthering the educational activities.